Benefits and applications of massage cushions

Everyone has probably experienced occasional neck pain. There is a very logical explanation. The neck is the most mobile part of the spinal column, through which many nerve endings pass. Because of its location, the cervical spine is considered the most vulnerable, so some kind of problem in this area occurs in almost every adult. Let’s find out why the neck hurts and how to get rid of discomfort on your own


  • Immediately it should be clarified that the pain in the cervical spine is localized in different places, so the causes of the symptoms are different. For example:
  • From the side (right or left side). Surely this is a signal of developing osteochondrosis, which is progressing in the body. At the initial stage of this disease, the patient feels stiffness and pain in the affected spine. Symptoms are pronounced in the morning, then gradually pass.
  • Unilateral severe pain. This may be an intervertebral hernia. Diagnostic examination will be necessary to determine the problem for sure.

Intermittent pain in the back. This indicates that the neck is elementary blown out.

In addition, neck pain may be caused by vertebral subluxation, tumors, cardiovascular and digestive system malfunctions. In any case, in the cervical spine mobility is disturbed and the pain settles, which increases with each sharp movement or turn of the head. Of course, leaving such a pathology unattended is impossible, but people often solve the problem in the wrong way. Many people believe that it is enough to take painkillers and the pain can be forgotten. This is true, but the effect will be short-lived. After a while, the pain will manifest itself with renewed vigor.

Therefore it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the discomfort, not the consequence. To do this, you need to make an appointment with a doctor, who will certainly give you a massage referral. Thanks to the development of modern technology and the rapid evolution of massage equipment, wellness procedures can be carried out at home, at work or in the car. It is enough to buy a massage cushion and with regular use of the device, the pain will never bother you again.

What is it?

To order a massage pillow means to buy a multifunctional massager, which can be used on almost any part of the body. In fact, it is a compact ergonomically shaped device, working on the home power grid or built-in rechargeable battery. Therefore, such pillows are very convenient to take with you on business trips or to use directly in the workplace during a break.

At the heart of the equipment is a roller mechanism with multidirectional rotation of the heads of the massage elements. Rollers deeply and qualitatively work the muscles and deep tissues, restoring their tone and strengthening their structure. In addition, all models, without exception, have built-in vibrating disks, creating a rhythmic oscillations with variable amplitude. This mode of operation quickly and effectively relieves muscle tension, has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state of the person, removing the effects of daily stress.

Infrared warming also looks like an interesting function. Directed heat quickly relieves pain in the problem area, stimulates blood circulation. It should be noted that all the massage cushions have a built in timer, limiting the time of the procedure and handy control unit.

Indications and contraindications

If you decide to buy a massage pillow, you need to remember the following: you can not use the equipment in acute pain. Faced with an aggravation, it is necessary to provide maximum rest to the neck, so a person needs to lie in a comfortable position for a while, perhaps make an anesthetic injection. When the pain recedes, you need to see a doctor. Why is it necessary, because the massager will help get rid of back and neck pain? A logical question that bothers many patients. The fact is that any massage procedures have indications and contraindications for use. If a person is not allowed to have a massage, then the use of the equipment will only worsen the current state, possibly manifesting undesirable complications. Learn more about it here

So, massage pillows for the back and neck will help in solving these problems:

  • Muscle spasms.
  • Pinched nerve endings.
  • Treatment and prevention of osteochondrosis and radiculitis.
  • Restore the structure of soft tissues.
  • Removing edemas.
  • Effective fight against cellulite.
  • Strengthening the muscle frame of the back.
  • Restoration of blood circulation.

Application of the massager is not allowed in the following cases:

  • Any acute inflammatory processes in the body.
  • Malignant and benign tumors.
  • Pregnancy at any stage of pregnancy.
  • Open trauma in the application area.
  • Severe diseases of the circulatory system.
  • Varicose veins.
  • Acute mental disorders.

In addition, massage cushions are not recommended for children under 14 years of age, and people who have suffered severe spinal injuries.


Massage is a beneficial effect on the body and has been known since ancient times. With its help some diseases of the muscles, blood vessels, etc. are treated. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a pleasure, and to be energetic and healthy want everyone. Massage pillow can be a great solution to this problem. The size of the pillow allows you to take it with you and organize a massage session at any convenient time. In this article we will look at different types of orthopedic pillows with massage effect, and also talk about how to choose a massage pillow and what to pay attention to when using.

Why do I need a massage pillow?

Massage cushions are a great option for those who need massage services, but cannot afford to visit a specialist or buy a massage chair. This device can be used anywhere and anytime. Source:

What is a massage pillow?

Most orthopedic pillows with a massage effect are universal. They are used in a variety of situations. There are pillows that can be used while sitting behind the wheel of a car. For the cover prefer non-natural fabrics, which have a long service life, unlike natural fibers. Polyvinyl chloride is the material most commonly used for this purpose.

The pillow is an electrical device that can operate both from the network and from batteries. Most models are equipped with adapters that allow you to work from different power sources.

Advantages of Use

Painful sensations in the neck area have a negative effect on a person’s general condition. Muscle pain is accompanied by a deterioration in blood flow. As a consequence, there is a headache, because the brain ceases to receive air and nutrients in the proper volume. If the muscles are in spasm for a long time, there is a lack of blood supply to all parts of the spine. Such processes can lead to serious illness. Massage pillow will help to solve these problems.

There are a number of advantages that can boast massage pillow over other types of massage. It is convenient to use at any time as soon as the need arises. All types of pillows are mobile, easy to transport, which allows you to take them on any trip. All models of these devices are quite easy to use, have several modes of operation, and are equipped with a remote control that will facilitate the use. Power source for the massage cushion can choose absolutely any, the adapter is included with the device. In order to comply with sanitary and hygienic conditions, all models have removable covers.


The massage device can be used in various cases. Of course, there is no substitute for a hand massage, but it is a pleasant alternative that can be used in any situation. Here is a sample list of situations in which the device can be an excellent solution to the problem. If your muscles are in constant tension, the blood supply is disrupted, and there is not enough time for a full massage, the pillow can easily cope with this task. Many women are happy to use this device for the treatment and prevention of cellulite. Pillows have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.


Massage cushions can perform a variety of functions, which depend directly on their design. Vibrating massage The device is a vibrating device, foam insert and cover. The speed is high enough, but not the amplitude. Different brands offer customers a different number of modes of the device. The kind of massage that allows you to get a cushion of this kind is generally considered less effective, because its effect on the body is narrowly localized. But such a massager can be used to relieve tension or spasms in any place, which is its undoubted advantage.

Roller massage

The device of this kind has movable rollers that rotate in different planes. There are devices with four, seven and eight rollers. However, the model with rollers in the number of four pieces is popular. Such cushions imply different modes of action. The advantage of this type of massage is that it does not just relieve the muscles from pain, and works through them with a deep mechanical action. The massage consists of thoroughly working the muscles of different types. This type of mechanical action is more like a traditional massage. Roller massage has a great depth of impact, so it is recommended to use it not only to get rid of cramps, but also to treat colds and inflammations. We advise to give preference to larger heads, they will provide the most profound effect.

Percussive or tapping massage

This model also has four rollers, but the nature of their movement has changed from rotating to oscillating. The work of this massage cushion resembles tapping. The massage perfectly removes cramps, gets rid of lymph stagnation. Some brands prefer to use jade for rollers. In this case, the stone must be in contact with the skin for the therapeutic effect to be achieved. About Percussive massage

Infrared radiation

This ability is present in various devices of all brands. The advantage of such pillows is the additional heating while relieving inflammation and cramps, this increases the healing effect. Unfortunately, heating is not suitable for every situation. Swelling or pain is sometimes accompanied by venous blood stasis. If the problem of stasis is poor blood movement, then additional heating will only make the situation worse, as the arteries will be more active and the veins, on the other hand, will pump blood at a slower rate, which will make the situation worse.

The best massage cushions of different types

Massage cushions are very convenient and easy to use device. At the same time, each model differs from the others with its own characteristics. They must be taken into account when choosing a massage cushion, so that the massager brings maximum benefit.

Massage cushion with jade

As is known, jade has long been considered a mineral that has a healing effect. Specialists around the world use jade to achieve a rejuvenating effect. The use of massagers with rollers made of this stone has a beneficial effect on the entire body. Devices of this kind are equipped with a heating function

Shiatsu massage cushion

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese technique currently used in massage. Its purpose is to achieve a therapeutic effect by applying pressure to certain points. The device is created using the same mechanism: the rollers are attached in such a way that they protrude over the pillow, and when used, they exert pressure on the desired areas of the head or neck. The advantage of such devices is the fact that they can be used in any position

Car seat cushion

This type of device can give you a massage session right in the car. For example, standing in a traffic jam, you can always organize for yourself 5 minutes of relaxation without leaving the car. This model is equipped with two rollers, which have an intensive effect on the muscles. Using such a device not only relieves stress, but also normalizes blood circulation. Such a cushion will be suitable for both motorists and people who are busy with sedentary work.

Massage acupuncture cushion

This device has the shape of half a cylinder. Solid massaging elements are placed on the projecting surface of the cushion. The elements are discs with sharp protrusions that act on the biologically active points. It is most often used for the neck and lower back. With such a massage pillow you provide yourself a quality acupuncture massage. The signal that tells you that you are using the pillow correctly, is the feeling of warmth in the area of influence.

Heated Massage Pillow

The heating is one of the most important features that have a therapeutic effect. The thermal effect enhances the relaxing effect and increases the benefits of the procedure. Many manufacturers produce devices of this kind, as they are very popular products.

Selection and use

Manufacturers offer a wide range of orthopedic pillows with massage effect. Models differ in the number of rollers, functionality, speed mode, etc. To choose such a device should be taken carefully, so that the pillow can fully meet your needs.

How to choose a massage pillow?

When choosing a massage pillow you should be guided primarily by the purpose for which you buy it. Think about how the functionality of the device you need: there are pillows with one particular type of massage, you can also find models that include all kinds of effects. Decide on the size of the pillow. If you need a massager that you can take to work and travel, you should opt for devices of small size. The power of the mechanism is also important when choosing. If you prefer an intensive massage, then you should choose the model with a power of 24 watts.

The material also matters

Massagers made of natural fibers are pleasant to use, but their service life is shorter than that of artificial coverings. The shape of the massage elements is often spherical, but in certain models, the rollers have ledges, which give a massage of high intensity. With the cape, which is included, you can also adjust the intensity of the massage. The deep massage without the cape is recommended for problematic areas that require a deep impact. Included with the massager should go an adapter that allows you to charge it from various devices, and a bag to carry the device. Before choosing a massage cushion for yourself, you should consult with a specialist, who will be able to give you individual recommendations on the choice of massage device.

How do I use the massage cushion?

It is worth remembering that this device is not an orthopedic product. For this reason it is not recommended to use it for sleeping, because it does not fix the back in the right position. The purpose is to relieve muscle tension. There are some important rules for the use of such massage devices. If you have purchased such a device, it is necessary to get used to it gradually. At first, one procedure a day with a duration of a quarter of an hour will be enough. If the problem that bothers you is a headache and fatigue, then such sessions will be quite enough for you. If you suffer from sciatica or osteochondrosis, then the treatment must be systemic and prolonged.

The duration of one course will be 14-15 days, every day should organize 2-3 sessions of massage for 15-20 minutes. After such a two-week exposure it is necessary to switch to a mode that will consist of one fifteen-minute session per day. The duration of such a regime should be 15 days. It is possible to use the massage pillow for different parts of the body both vertically and horizontally without any loss of efficiency. Buttons, located on the surface, are used to control the device.

Indications and contraindications for the use of a massage cushion

Osteochondrosis, neuroses, migraines, sciatica, anxiety disorders, chronic fatigue… Isn’t that an impressive list? According to doctors, massage cushion perfectly helps in the fight against these diseases. On what is based on its action?

Almost all models have a roller massage as their main function. The round massage heads (rollers), hidden inside the pillow, rotate, kneading and relaxing the muscles. The result is that numb areas become pain-free, blood flow increases, cellular metabolism is activated and body tissues begin to regenerate. The infrared heating function, which many pillows have, also helps relieve muscle cramps.

If you put the rollers in the appropriate mode, they will not rotate, and tapping on the body. This kind of massage effectively eliminates lymphatic stasis.

Acupuncture cushion (it is covered on the outside with massage elements, on which there are sharp protrusions) stimulates biologically active points on the skin, providing a reflexotherapy effect.

Doctors recommend purchasing a massage pillow also for the prevention of cervical osteochondrosis.

“Cushion” massage improves a person’s overall condition. Nervousness and fatigue go away, performance increases, the patient begins to sleep better, headaches disappear.

Even in perfect health, it makes sense to use a pillow-massager if you have increased physical activity or, conversely, a sedentary lifestyle.

However, there are important reservations. Massage cushion can not be used if a person has recently (within one year) suffered an injury to the spine or surgery on it. It is forbidden and osteoporosis.

Other contraindications: high or low blood pressure, infectious diseases with fever, pregnancy, skin diseases (eg, eczema, psoriasis), cancer. It is categorically impossible to subject to massage and infrared heating of the areas affected by varicose veins.

And finally, a warning for lazybok: on a massage pillow in any case can not sleep! This will damage the massage device and, most importantly, your health.

Rules for using a massage cushion

Before you buy a massage cushion, you should consult a doctor, to get his “permission” for the machine massage, as well as individual recommendations.

There are also general rules of using the massage cushion. First of all, you should get used to the massage gradually. At first, one session of 10 – 15 minutes a day is enough. If your problem is overwork and headaches, this may be enough.

But osteochondrosis and radiculitis require a more serious approach. Every day you will need two or three sessions of 15-20 minutes each. This “shock” course lasts for 14 days, after which the patient starts having one session a day for 15 minutes. The same is done for severe migraines.

And the main thing: to achieve the effect, the pillow-massager should be used constantly.

Massage is an excellent way to relieve pain in the cervical spine and shoulders. This is especially true for those patients who work in a sedentary job and have to keep their head in one position for a long time. Such hypodynamia leads to blood stasis and disorders of tissue trophism. In order to relieve painful sensations, use a massage pillow for the neck and shoulders – a universal massager for this area, which no worse than a professional will stretch out the tired muscles.

The popularity of massage cushions has increased in recent years. This is due to the predominant performance of office work, and the increase in physical inactivity among both women and men. Technological progress has not been spared from human problems, that is why there appeared massaging devices – special devices for the neck and shoulder area.

Using massage devices can maintain blood circulation activity in the neck area, knead tired muscles, relieve the feeling of neck pain, when any movement corresponds to an unpleasant pain in the neck. They help to do self-massage and do without going to a specialist, but to do this, they must be used regularly and correctly.

Roller Pillows

Massage cushions equipped exclusively with massage rollers are the simplest, and therefore the most budget-friendly option. This is the so-called first generation of massage devices with a minimal set of functions. However, this does not mean that these cushions do not massage well or fail quickly.

Today you can buy unique roller devices that provide a massage similar to the world-famous Shiatsu massage. In reality, Shiatsu is done by a masseur, who kneads the entire body, but the main focus is on the cervical-collar zone. Of course, it is not always possible to visit a specialist in Japanese Shiatsu massage, so you can use a pillow with rollers, whose actions imitate the movements of the masseur. In this case, such kneading will be even more useful than the use of vibromassazherov.

IMPORTANT: A massage cushion that mimics the movements of Shiatsu, is useful in that it has a restorative effect, has a preventive and curative effect.

It has a positive effect on the nervous system, which helps eliminate the symptoms of stress, insomnia. If a person is tired at work, a few minutes with the massager Shiatsu help restore lost strength. A constant rotation of the rollers in the massage process will contribute to the removal of lactic acid from the muscles.

When working with patients, the rollers affect the biologically active points which are responsible for the functioning of various systems and organs. Roller rotation is carried out in two directions: clockwise and counterclockwise. This makes it possible to activate blood circulation, relieve fatigue, improve tissue trophism.

Pillows with vibromassage

The vibromassage function is one of the favorite features of patients who use pillow-massagers for the neck and shoulders. And the secret is that the weak vibrations transmit vibrations to the skin and all processes are as soft and relaxed as possible. With the effect of vibromassage the healing effect is transmitted to all the nerve endings, which are rich in the neck and shoulder area. The relaxing effect is so strong that many patients can hardly restrain themselves from falling asleep on such a massager.

Against the background of maximum muscular relaxation, blood circulation in the soft tissues is activated, blood flow nourishes nerve trunks and supplies blood well to the brain. At the same time, active blood circulation helps to remove toxins, lactic acid, which accumulate in the muscles during hypodynamia.

Vibromassager action is softer compared to the rollers. Therefore, this pillow is recommended for people who do not like the aggressive impact on the neck and shoulders. Suitable it for elderly patients and people with symptoms of cervical degenerative disc disease. On the device you can adjust the mode of vibration – frequency and amplitude. The manufacturers note that such massagers are not always useful, because the prolonged frequent vibration has a negative impact on blood vessels and nerve endings. If, however, you use the device in moderation, then the side effects will not occur.

Massager for the shoulders

One of the modifications of the pillow-massager is a shoulder device. He is also designed to massage the neck and shoulders, but does not look in the form of a pillow, and exists in the form of a wide strap, which in certain places is equipped with massage rollers.

With the massager for the shoulders, you can not take your eyes off the work process

This massage is done in the form of tapping and hitting on the back and shoulders. The tapping with massage rollers with a pronounced surface relief is quite light, similar to the palm strike. It stimulates the body’s defenses and relaxes the muscles in the area of application.

The tapping massage is carried out with strokes that take place one at a time and are more similar to the masseur’s fingertips. The tapping is relaxed, light and does not cause discomfort, but a sense of relaxation in the massage area. What else is useful strap massager?

  • In 15 minutes of use removes even a significant muscle fatigue.
  • Able to reduce the subcutaneous fat layer, which promotes weight loss in the shoulders and sides.
  • Massager can be used for different parts of the body.
  • Relieves pain and muscle spasm in pathologies of the cervical spine.
  • Improves posture, aligns the spine by releasing muscle tension and activating blood circulation.
  • Has 8 to 11 levels of massage intensity.
  • It is possible to set the intensity depending on the individual feeling.

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