Double bed size for a comfortable sleep

What you need to know about double bed sizes from manufacturers in different countries and discuss how to choose an affordable bed
In Europe and Russia, the standards for double bed sizes are the same.

What can not be said about the products manufactured in American factories. Therefore, when choosing furniture and mattresses separately, you should pay attention only to the models of the same manufacturer. The most common size of a double bed is 160×200 cm. Such parameters of the frame are typical for European models. Only in some cases, the body may be square. Such copies are more suitable for the individual design of the room. Let’s take a closer look at each of the options and their differences in size.

Dimensions of double beds and mattresses: the Russian standard
Usually the width of a double bed standard starts from the 140 cm mark. Also the optimal parameters are considered 160, 180 and 200 cm. At the same time, when the length of the frame of beds from Russia can range from 190 to 200 cm. The same dimensions denote “adult” mattresses.

Before buying a mattress all measurements are taken from the internal side of the frame only. The permissible error is 1 cm.
Before a mattress is purchased, all measurements must be taken from the inside of the mattress frame only. Allowable error – 1 cm
If it is necessary to correct something in a certain value, you will have to buy a furniture model to order. For example, double beds are chosen taking into account the individual characteristics of the body structure (if there are medical conditions). This, first of all, refers to the stiffness and internal filling. For the rest, all parameters relate to the dimensions of the bed.

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