How to choose a pillow for sleeping?

A quality and pleasant sleep depends on a comfortable bed and the bed accessories that make up the sleeping area. In order to have coziness and comfort accompanying you while sleeping, you need to buy a quality mattress, beautiful bed linen and, of course, a comfortable pillow.

A variety of pillows represented in our store, quality, comfortable and reliable. They perfectly cope with the main function: to provide the necessary comfort during the rest.
If you have decided to buy a pillow, let’s get acquainted with the possible offers and options of these products, which differ not only in manufacturers, sizes, but also in fillings. The internal content of the pillow depends on the degree of rigidity, which can be:

  1. High;
  2. Medium;

The pillow can be: 1. high; 2. medium; 3. lightweight (softer).

You can always choose your preferred option. In some cases, the purchase of a new sleeping aid requires a doctor’s consultation.

Attention – choosing a pillow

To buy a pillow comfortable, reliable and bringing the joy of rest, you need to pay attention to the following parameters of the sleeping accessory:

  • Size;
  • Filling;
  • Function: classic, therapeutic;
  • Material;
  • Manufacturer’s responsibility.
  • A new pillow – with care for health

Inside the presented sleeping attributes are different fillings, but all of high quality and not harmful to the health of the owner:

  1. Polyester fiber, balls;
    Allergen-free, globular material ensuring an adequate volume and form to the product. This filling gives elasticity to the pillow, while guaranteeing a comfortable position while resting.
  2. Memory foam
    Elastic mass with memory effect. Excellent filling for pillows with orthopedic characteristics. Anatomically repeats the curves of the neck and spine area, allows you to stay in the right position, which greatly improves the quality of sleep.
  3. Elastic polyurethane
    Environmentally friendly and lightweight material, which forms the basis of orthopedic products. On the one hand it gives the necessary elasticity to the pillow, on the other hand – the pliability of the filler takes the shape of the body of the person resting. Hence the anatomical and orthopedic function of the product.
  4. Down and feather (goose down);
    Natural filler, in a ratio of one to one, forms a comfortable, lightweight and moderately soft pillow. The down and feather in total mass creates a filler that restores the shape of the product. In such a composition there is good air exchange, but more often subject to airing and drying.
  5. Swan feather;
    100% down filling, voluminous and lightweight. Lovers of resilient, but soft products will enjoy a peaceful sleep on the swan clouds.
  6. Natural Latex
    It represents a whipped into a foam rubber mass. Soft material similar in quality to the resilient rubber. Durable and reliable as a pillow filler.
  7. Hollofiber, silicone;
    Synthetic filler, which has several advantages: lightweight, hypoallergenic, economical. The pillow based on this material does not need special care: can be washed in the machine and dries quickly.
  8. Bamboo fiber;
    A popular filler, environmentally friendly, harmless and natural material. It quickly enough absorbs moisture and similarly evaporates it, which makes sleeping on a bamboo pillow comfortable and pleasant.

All of the presented fillings make pillows durable and comfortable, but when choosing, you should pay attention to the cover material, under which the filling is located. Usually natural protective pillow covers are used:
1. cotton;
2. knitted fabric;
3. calico;
4. Velour;
5. Microfiber;
6. Flax;
7. Satin.

Pillows of all ages obey

And other materials designed to preserve the useful qualities of the product and increase the healthy life of the product.

Pillows for all ages to buy a quality and comfortable pillow can be for yourself, your family, and even as a gift. Let the practicality of such a gift not embarrass you. Believe me, the recipient will appreciate the surprise.

When choosing a product, you can and should take into account the age of the person who will use the pillow. After all, among other divisions into types, pillows come in:

  1. Adults;
  2. Children’s;
  3. Classic;
  4. orthopedic;
  5. Decorative;
  6. Travel (for travel).

They differ in size, volume, decor features, shapes and functions assigned to each type.

Pillow manufacturers take into account the needs of different ages and embody in the product only the parameters necessary for health. It’s no secret that the children’s pillow, in addition to the bright appearance, should have a certain dimension: width, height, length. Only then will have a positive impact on the baby’s developing body.
We offer a luxurious selection of bedroom paraphernalia from different manufacturers at pleasant prices. But all products, regardless of the filling material, high quality and proper service life.You can find out the opinion of orthopedists on this article.

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